Our Instructors

Rick Burton Shihan

Rick Burton is a Renshi Shihan 5th Dan and is the current NSW Branch Chief and Chief Instructor for IKGA, also NCGK President and Director. Rick is also the head Instructor of the Woolgoolga Dojo

Born 21st December 1959, Rick commenced training January 1980 at age 20, under Helmut Moldners Shihan (then a Sandan Sensei) in the Bacon Street dojo, Grafton, NSW.

Rick has trained in Goju Kai Karate-do continually since 1980, within the I.K.G.A. (International Karate-do Goju Kai Association). The International Chief Instructors were Grand Master Gogen Yamaguchi Kaiso; followed by his son, Saiko Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi.

Rick has done most of his training in NSW, under the Founder of the North Coast Dojo's Helmut Moldners Shihan, (until his retirement in 2003). Unfortunately Helmut Shihan passed away in 2013 - RIP Helmut.

Attending many training seminars and training camps in Australia, and overseas, under the guidance of Saiko Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi, Shihan Gohei Yamaguchi, Ingo de Jong Hanshi, Paul Starling Hanshi, Brian Mackie Hanshi, Hiroshi Fujimoto Hanshi, Iwan Pranatio Shihan, Tino Ceberano Shihan, Tom Curtis Shihan, Greg Gunns Shihan, Mark Burton Shihan, and Sandie Starling Shihan.

Training abroad has taken Rick to Japan, Europe, America, Indonesia and New Zealand.

Rick is sincerely grateful for the time and care shown by Saiko Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi and all the Shihan (Masters) and Sensei's (teachers) who openly share their gift of knowledge. He believes it is also important to acknowledge every student who enters the dojo (training area), as they are all on their own journey and also share their individual personality and quest for knowledge.

Rick has successfully competed in local, state, national and international tournaments.

- Awarded Shodan 1983

- Awarded Nidan 1986

- Awarded Sandan 1991

- Awarded Yondan 1995

- Elected as the first official President of NCGK 2006.

- Awarded Godan 2013

- Appointed Director and Chief Instructor of IKGA New South Wales 2014

- Received the title of Renshi Shihan 2016

Nathan Perry Shihan

Nathan Perry is a Renshi Shihan (5th Dan Master).

Nathan trained in Grafton, NSW under Helmut Moldners Shihan, from 1982 until Helmut Shihan's retirement in 2003. He is well regarded as a kumite and fighting expert, having performed in many arena's including the prestigious World Titles in Japan, in 1993.

Perry Shihan continues to teach Goju Kai Karate-do at his Coutts Crossing Dojo.

Graded to 5th Dan in 2015

Received the title of Renshi Shihan in 2017

Peter Roberts Shihan

Peter Roberts is a Renshi Shihan (5th Dan Master), has been training since March 1978 and has a gained extensive experience across a wide spectrum of martial arts.

Here's a brief list of key points in his history:

- Awarded Shodan 1982

- Awarded Nidan 1984, Trained in Japan 1984 at Hombu dojo, Presented with Nidan certificate by Yamaguchi Gogan Hanshi

- Awarded Sandan 1986

- Awarded Yondan 1995

- Awarded 5th Dan Sensei 2015

- Received the title of Renshi Shihan 2017

Supplementary training with

- Sugano sensei, Aikido master

- Inoue Hanshi Kubujitsu master

- Morio Higoana Sensei Okinawan Goju Ryu

- Bill Wallace former middleweight world kick boxing champion

- Many other Karate sensei from other styles, and Judo sensei

- Training with former professional boxers / kick boxers /Muauy thai boxers

Peter's key goals as an instructor are to continue to teach with the principles he was taught by Helmut Shihan and to teach realistic karate / self defence principles.

He believes that traditional Goju Ryu karate has within it a comprehensive self defense component, which needs to be preserved. The more popular sport style of karate gives opportunity to those who wish to follow the athletic approach.

Anne Trimble Shihan

Anne Trimble is a Renshi Shihan (5th Dan Master). Anne trained under Helmut Moldners Shihan and successfully taught the Grafton Junior Dojo for over 30 years. Anne was a NSW, Australian and International all styles Tournament Champion/representative.

- Awarded Shodan 1982

- Awarded Nidan 1985

- Awarded Sandan 1992

- Awarded Yondan 1995

- Awarded Godan 2017

- Received the title of Renshi Shihan 2019

Barry Woollard Sensei

Barry Woollard is a 4th Dan (Jokyo Sensei). Barry trained under Helmut Moldners Shihan and runs the Maclean Dojo.

- Awarded Shodan 1994

- Awarded Nidan 1997

- Awarded Sandan 2003

- Awarded Yondan 2007

Dave Hansen Sensei - retired

Dave Hansen is a 4th Dan (Jokyo Sensei) and has been training in Coffs Harbour since 1978. Dave trained under Helmut Moldners Shihan and was a kumite (sparring) specialist for many years. He was a state and national all styles tournament champion.

- Awarded Shodan 1982

- Awarded Nidan 1984 Trained in Japan 1984 at Hombu dojo, Presented with Nidan certificate by Yamaguchi Gogan Hanshi.

- Awarded Sandan 1987

- Awarded Yondan 1995

Allan Coulter Sensei - retired

Allan Coulter is a 4th Dan Sensei.

He commenced training in Goju Kai in the later part of the 1980's. At the grade of 1st Kyu he was advised by our now retired Instructor Helmut Moldners Shihan to commence teaching as a way of improving his form. He commenced teaching Karate in Maclean and by 1995, confident that the Maclean Dojo was in good hands, opened another Dojo in Coutts Crossing and then commenced Instructing in the Grafton Dojo in 2003.

He has taught Self Defence in High Schools and for adults, and have been fortunate to watch people grow and develop through the past 20 years of teaching.

Looking over the years of training and teaching, Allan says:

"I feel privileged to have had the opportunities that Goju has offered me- Commencing training in an exceptionally strong Dojo under the instruction of a highly respected Sensei, as well as having the opportunity to train with Paul Starling Shihan (Vice President, IKGA) in the MacQuarie University Dojo and with Mark Burton Shihan, NSW Chief Instructor throughout my early years of training; and having an exceptional leader of Goju Kai in Australia, Brian Mackie Kyoshi. I have also had the privilege to train with our Grand Master Goshi Yamaguchi Saiko Shihan in Australia and overseas, as well as with many great Karateka including Ingo DeJong Hanshi (Director, Europe), and Peter Brandon Hanshi (Director, Africa). Training has allowed me to meet and develop friendships with Karateka from many countries, both within Goju Kai and from other styles."

Allan has participated in two IKGA World Championships, at the inaugural Championships in Chiba Japan in 1993 and as a veteran at the 2009 Championships in Cape Town South Africa. He was part of a delegation of North Coast Goju Kai Instructors to attend an all styles training event in New Zealand in 2010 hosted by Hiroshi Fujimoto Shihan (Chief Instructor, IKGA New Zealand) conducted by the Grand Master accompanied by a select Japanese squad.

Jonno Roche Sensei

Jonno Roche, a 3rd Dan sensei (Sandan-ho).

Originally from the NSW far south coast, he started studying Goju Kai under Sensei Barry Linehan in the mid 1990s. After a period of practicing other styles, he returned to Goju Kai in the mid 2010s, studying under Shihan Rick Burton at Woolgoolga.

Jonno also has a keen interest in Historical European Martial arts.

Awarded Shodan-ho – 1998

Awarded Shodan – 2016

Awarded Nidan-ho – 2017

Awarded Nidan – 2018

Awarded Sandan-ho – 2020