Peter Roberts Shihan

Peter Roberts is a 5th Dan Shihan (Renshi), has been training since March 1978 and has a gained extensive experience across a wide spectrum of martial arts. 

Here's a brief list of key points in his history:

     - Awarded Shodan 1982
     - Awarded Nidan 1984, Trained in Japan 1984 at Hombu dojo, Presented            with Nidan Certificate by Yamaguchi Gogan Hanshi
     - Awarded Sandan 1986
     - Awarded Yondan 1995
     - Awarded 5th Dan Sensei 2015
     - Received the title of Renshi Shihan 2017

Supplementary training with
     - Sugano sensie, Aikido master
     - Inoue Hanshi Kubujitsu master
     - Morio Higoana Sensie Okinawan goju Ryu
     - Bill Wallace former middleweight world kick boxing champion
     - Many other Karate sensie from other styles, and Judo sensie
     - Currently training with former professional boxers / kick boxers /Muauy thai boxers

Peter's key goals as an instructor are to continue to teach with the principles he was taught by Helmut Shihan and to teach realistic karate / self defence principles.

Currently, Peter is Vice president of NCGK and is based at Lennox Head.

He believes that traditional Goju Ryu karate has within it a comprehensive self defense component, which needs to be preserved. The more popular sport style of karate gives opportunity to those who wish to follow the athletic approach.