Allan Coulter Sensei - retired

Allan Coulter is a 4th Dan Sensei.

He commenced training in Goju Kai in the later part of the 1980's. At the grade of 1st Kyu he was advised by our now retired Instructor Helmut Moldners Shihan to commence teaching as a way of improving his form. He commenced teaching Karate in Maclean and by 1995, confident that the Maclean Dojo was in good hands, opened another Dojo in Coutts Crossing and then commenced Instructing in the Grafton Dojo in 2003. 

He has taught Self Defence in High Schools and for adults, and have been fortunate to watch people grow and develop through the past 20 years of teaching.

Looking over the years of training and teaching, Allan says:
"I feel privileged to have had the opportunities that Goju has offered me- Commencing training in an exceptionally strong Dojo under the instruction of a highly respected Sensei, as well as having the opportunity to train with Paul Starling Shihan (Vice President, IKGA) in the MacQuarie University Dojo and with Mark Burton Shihan, NSW Chief Instructor throughout my early years of training; and having an exceptional leader of Goju Kai in Australia, Brian Mackie Kyoshi. I have also had the privilege to train with our Grand Master Goshi Yamaguchi Saiko Shihan in Australia and overseas, as well as with many great Karateka including Ingo DeJong Hanshi (Director, Europe), and Peter Brandon Hanshi (Director, Africa). Training has allowed me to meet and develop friendships with Karateka from many countries, both within Goju Kai and from other styles."

"Since the retirement of Helmut Moldners Shihan, the Seniors of North Coast Goju Kai have worked together to grow our Organisation and we now have an established and stable brand with Dojo's in various locations and seven 4th Dan Instructors as well as many Dan Graded Assistants. North Coast Goju Kai has had the honour of hosting Yamaguchi Saiko Shihan twice in the last 4 years- a major achievement for a rural location in Australia and a tribute to the Seniors' commitment to their Art."

Allan has participated in two IKGA World Championships, at the inaugural Championships in Chiba Japan in 1993 and as a veteran at the 2009 Championships in Cape Town South Africa. He was part of a delegation of North Coast Goju Kai Instructors to attend an all styles training event in New Zealand in 2010 hosted by Hiroshi Fujimoto Shihan (Chief Instructor, IKGA New Zealand) conducted by the Grand Master accompanied by a select Japanese squad.

Under the leadership of Goshi Yamaguchi Saiko Shihan, Goju Kai Karate has thrived and continued to develop. 
"If a person wants to truly achieve, one needs to find a School with both a Syllabus and a Tradition. I was lucky to have fallen into Goju Kai Karate, which is rich in both of these things. I am lucky to have had the training partners who have helped me and the students who have strived and achieved, bringing me great joy. Ours is a Budo style, with the mission of producing strong and confident people. I am as enthusiastic about Karate now as I was when I first started and believe that the important thing is to continue the journey rather than look for a destination, to train with effort and to effectively facilitate the students' journey."